Transshipping of sea containers

Most imported goods arrive by ocean vessel in the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. In these ports the containers are transferred to other modes of transport, after which the goods are transported further to the hinterland by truck, train or barge.

SMART HUB Logistics is uniquely located, immediately bordering the ‘s-Hertogenbosch inland container terminal. This has the great advantage that we can receive the import containers via waterway. In Rotterdam or Antwerp, the transfer takes place from the container ship to the inland vessel. After arrival at the terminal in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the container is transferred from the barge, and we take care of unloading the container and the storage of the goods.

Sustainable water transport

Only in exceptional cases (high urgency) a truck is used for transport from the ocean vessel to the warehouse. The shipment will then arrive at our warehouse by road. But in the vast majority of cases, the choice falls on a transfer by inland vessel. Transport by water is, especially with the hybrid and electric inland vessels currently used, much more sustainable than by road.

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Fast storage and transloading of goods.

After the arrival of the inland vessel, the containers are unloaded from the ship. They are then placed at our loading docks, immediately adjacent to the terminal, with a reach stacker. Due to the very short distance, the containers do not have to be loaded onto a truck or trailer first. Storage and crossdocking therefore takes place very quickly, so that customers can have the goods at their disposal a few hours after the arrival of the barge.

Transferring of goods which are not immediately needed.

We can transfer goods, which need not be delivered immediately, from an expensive ocean container to one of our own containers. This way you can make a substantial saving on detention costs. We can arrange the transfer of the goods very efficiently and quickly through our special dock doors. Our own container goes into storage at the container terminal and the sea container can be checked out empty and returned. We call this method of transferring container goods our Dock&Go principle.

This transfer and storage of goods in our own containers is also a good emergency solution for products that cannot yet be delivered due to shut-down of production facilities.

Would you like to find out more about storage, transport and transfer of goods? We would be happy to tell you what we can do in this area.

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