SMART HUB adds space to your logistics!

SMART HUB Logistics offers smart and sustainable solutions for all your challenges. We do this with suitable facilities, a wide range of logistics services, reliable consultancy and a healthy dose of logistics common sense.

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SMART HUB Logistics can help you with…

…a combination of services, real estate solutions and logistics advice. Depending on your wishes and requirements. Temporarily or for the long term. SMART HUB Logistics thinks along with you, grows with you.


SMART HUB Logistics offers flexible solutions in the field of warehousing. Your goods are in reliable hands with us.

Loading & unloading

Our stevedores are skilled professionals in the efficient and safe loading and unloading of your goods, saving you time and costs.

Transport management

SMART HUB Logistics works closely with reliable carriers. We take care of the entire transport process for you, from A to Z.

Logistics housing

SMART HUB Logistics offers a wide range of modern and well-secured warehouse spaces. We can quickly respond to your housing needs.

Logistics consultancy

With smart, practical and easily applicable solutions, we help you further optimize your international supply chain.

International project support

Looking for opportunities to expand your business beyond borders? Our experienced team can advise and support you.

SMART HUB Logistics facilitates your growth in a flexible way

SMART HUB Logistics facilitates your growth in a flexible way

We are a reliable logistics partner for starting entrepreneurs as well as for established companies.

With our many years of logistics know-how and our high degree of flexibility we can respond swiftly to customer requests. And we can advise you on how to create an even more efficient supply chain.

SMART HUB Logistics works closely with partners, who often are literally just around the corner: the service points of DHL, GLS and PostNL, the container terminal BCTN, the customs office, employment agencies and real estate brokers. This enables us to quickly call in professionals in various fields, who contribute to a well-fitting and sustainable solution.

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What we are proud of

At SMART HUB Logistics we are always looking for ways to work together in a sustainable way. Locally, nationally, or internationally, together we can make the world a better place.

Bossche BouwHub

Bossche BouwHub

At the Rietvelden industrial estate, on the edge of ’s-Hertogenbosch’ city centre, SMART HUB Logistics...

Local Energy Hub

Local Energy Hub

Together with inland container terminal BCTN, SMART HUB Logistics is developing a local energy hub...

SMART HUB Tanzania

SMART HUB Tanzania

In May 2021, our subsidiary Tradex Corporation received a government grant from the RVO (Netherlands...

Dubai Global Connect

Dubai Global Connect

In late 2022, SMART HUB Logistics signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Dubai Global...

SMART HUB Logistics offers you optimal support in the field of logistics

From our wide range of services, you can choose the parts with which we can support you. From small to large, from temporary to structural or any variation thereof. Whatever you choose, you can fully rely on SMART HUB Logistics delivering quality service, honouring agreements and being your safety net in unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Warehousing
  2. Logistics consultancy
  3. Loading & unloading
  4. Logistics housing
  5. Transport management
  6. International project support
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SMART HUB Logistics offers you optimal support in the field of logistics

Frequently asked questions

A dedicated warehouse is a type of warehouse or a specific area within a warehouse that is designed and optimized for a particular customer or group of customers. Unlike a public warehouse where various companies store and share their inventory, a dedicated warehouse is exclusively devoted to one customer and their products.

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Reshoring is the process by which companies bring back production or service activities that were previously located abroad to their own country. It is often seen as the opposite of offshoring, where companies move production or service activities to other countries.

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A bonded warehouse is a facility designed specifically for the storage of goods that are subject to excise or import duties. It is a building or defined area that is approved and supervised by customs authorities. Goods can be stored in a bonded warehouse without incurring import duties or other taxes, as long as they remain there.

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