Experts in warehousing

SMART HUB Logistics has a vast expertise in the field of warehousing. We have modern, clean and well secured warehouses. We work with an automated warehouse management system (WMS), which records every stock-movement. Our WMS can be linked, quickly and easily, to the systems of the customer. This way you will stay informed of the status of your products 24/7.

View of your stock

Do you, as a small company, not have a WMS to keep track of your warehousing activities? Our system will, at any moment in time, supply you with all information related to the status of your stock. This way you will always have a clear view of all your warehousing activities. You will be aware of the current situation regarding your products and will be able to manage this as efficiently as possible.

Warehousing in the Netherlands for small and large volumes

With us, your goods will be in reliable hands. Whether you are a starting entrepreneur with small volumes or an established company with large volume flows. In the area of warehousing in the Netherlands, we can completely unburden you. We offer customers various warehousing possibilities:

  • Storage in a multi-user warehouse
  • Storage in a dedicated warehouse

Also, we have a separate zone for customs goods, which have not yet been cleared by Customs.

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Flexible warehousing solutions

SMART HUB Logistics also offers warehousing solutions for the short term, provides advice and thinks along with you about your future growth. You can start at SMART HUB Logistics as a very small customer, just with one shipment which we handle for you. You can also contact us for temporary rental of an office or storage space. This way we support starting entrepreneurs with our warehousing services in the Netherlands during that crucial first phase of their company.

Smart Warehousing

Are your looking for a reliable partner in the field of warehousing in the Netherlands. We take care of the complete stock management for you.  And we actively think along with you about how things can be done better, more efficiently and perhaps more cost efficient.

Experience for yourself the many advantages of our smart warehousing service. Please contact us!

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What we are proud of

At SMART HUB Logistics we are always looking for ways to work together in a sustainable way. Locally, nationally, or internationally, together we can make the world a better place.

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Dubai Global Connect

Dubai Global Connect

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