How it all started…

SMART HUB Logistics originally started as a stevedoring company, which was founded in the mid-70s and became known as StuwaLogistics. For decades, the stevedoring work was focussed on the loose loading of containers for Heineken’s beer export activities. The stevedoring was a real craft, and the employees were professionals, who knew how to utilise every square centimetre of a container. That deep-rooted craftsmanship is forever anchored in the DNA of our company.

Transformation to all-round logistics service provider

After having stevedored for one large customer for decades, the company made a gigantic change at the turn of the century.  Under the leadership of the entrepreneurial director Frank Bruurs, the company transformed to an all-round logistics service provider for several customers. A process which took several years. The keyword became flexibility.

Vision with flexibility as the main component

Already in 2005 Frank Bruurs was considering the SMART HUB concept: a logistics facility near a container terminal, where companies can go for temporary or long-term logistics solutions and suitable warehouse space. Everything very flexible, without being tied to long-term contracts. From this vision he further developed the company.

One-by-one the warehouses which became available were filled by partners: companies in construction logistics, automotive and in fulfilment. The company name was changed to Spiering Smart Logistics (SSL). During the crisis years of 2008-2011, the vision’s key component of flexibility proved to be completely in line with ‘the new way of working’, in which the swift scaling-up or scaling-down of activities or of rented warehouse space became critical for many companies to survive.

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Open gates to the neighbours

In 2016 open gates were installed between the premises of SSL and the adjacent container terminal BCTN.  From that moment on, containers could be placed in front of the loading docks directly from the inland vessel. Sustainable, fast and efficient, without the need of a truck or a trailer and without waiting hours or storage costs. There are very few other places in the Netherlands where goods can be unloaded as quickly after arrival of a barge as in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Sustainability as a major point of attention

Sustainability has always been a major point of attention in the development of the company. Besides the consolidation of freight flows, we also invested in our SMART HUB site at an early stage, in making our buildings more sustainable by installing solar panels on our roofs. Also today, in 2023, we are working on the establishment of a sustainable construction-material hub for the ‘s-Hertogenbosch’ inner city and a local energy hub on the SMART HUB site.


In 2019, the warehouse next to the quay was further expanded, with four specifically designed loading docks bordering the terminal. With this expansion, the total footprint of warehouse space grew to 60,000 m2.  Further enlargement is planned for 2023-2024.

New name

In 2022 the company name changed to SMART HUB Logistics. This new name better expresses everything this company now stands for.  In addition to being an all-round logistics service provider in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, SMART HUB Logistics also focuses on logistics consultancy and international project support.

This all from the perspective that a SMART HUB can be realised anywhere in the world. With the SMART HUB site in ‘s-Hertogenbosch as a perfect blueprint.

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What we are proud of

At SMART HUB Logistics we are always looking for ways to work together in a sustainable way. Locally, nationally, or internationally, together we can make the world a better place.

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