Smart storage of goods

SMART HUB Logistics has modern, clean and well-secured warehouses for the storage of goods. We always actively think along with you and are happy to advise you about the best possible storage of your products. It often occurs that customers need less space than what they initially thought. Storing goods in a smart way is something we excel at!

We can store your goods in several ways:

  • Per item on shelving racks
  • On pallets in pallet-racks
  • On pallets in block stacking on the warehouse floor
  • In our own containers, stored in the adjacent container terminal

For oversized products we also have suitable storage solutions to offer. For the storage of goods with a customs status (T1) we have a separate zone available. And in case your goods can be stored outside, SMART HUB Logistics also has options for this.

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Quality and safety

We like order and cleanliness. This is immediately visible in our warehouses. We have well organised warehouses for the storage of goods, with full attention for a safe and tidy way of working. Your goods will be handled by us with care.

Flexible storage

Are you a starting entrepreneur with small volumes? Or, as an established company, do you need extensive storage for your goods? SMART HUB Logistics’ options for flexible storage offer you the solution you need; from flexible storage to semi flexible storage to fixed storage. We are happy to discuss with you what suits your situation best.

Added to your stock very quickly

Our SMART HUB Logistics location in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is adjacent to the container terminal. Due to this unique location, we can store your imported goods instantly upon arrival of the vessel. Without the need for a truck, the container is placed from the ship in front of our loading docks by a reach stacker. Sustainable and quick. Within a few hours of the arrival of the inland vessel, your goods will be available for outgoing orders.

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What we are proud of

At SMART HUB Logistics we are always looking for ways to work together in a sustainable way. Locally, nationally, or internationally, together we can make the world a better place.

Bossche BouwHub

Bossche BouwHub

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Local Energy Hub

Local Energy Hub

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SMART HUB Tanzania

SMART HUB Tanzania

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Dubai Global Connect

Dubai Global Connect

In late 2022, SMART HUB Logistics signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Dubai Global...

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We are pleased to help you with our smart logistics solutions.