Logistics property and project development going hand in hand

At smart HUB Logistics we can support you with your needed capacity, fitting each phase of your logistics project development. As a new entrepreneur, you can start with us in a small way. In our Smart Hub we have a wide range of logistics properties. Is your operation growing, SMART HUB Logistics will work out, together with you, how the facilities can be adjusted to meet your further project development. This can be done within our own grounds, but also in the immediate vicinity at the industrial park Rietvelden in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Logistics property that meets multiple customer demands.

SMART HUB Logistics is a reliable partner for making your required logistics property available. This we do with buildings we manage ourselves, with our own team of dedicated employees and in close cooperation with partners. This way we can, in the area of logistics property, meet multiple customer demands.

Warehouse space

We can, for instance, based on your product information, fit out a warehouse fully dedicated to you: with racks meeting your specifications, separate inbound and outbound areas and the facility to store customs goods. Of course, we can also store your products in a multi-user warehouse, where you use the already existing set-up.

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Do your products have special storage requirements? We will ensure that our facilities will meet these conditions.

And if you temporarily need additional warehousing space, e.g. for performing a quality check on your products, we will prepare a suitable area for you. This way we will move with you through all stages of your project development.

Office space

The logistics property service of SMART HUB Logistics also includes the possibility to rent office space. We can design these offices completely in accordance with your wishes.

Meeting rooms and reception area

Are your own facilities too small to receive guests or to deliver a presentation? SMART HUB Logistics can offer you a solution for this too. We have a modern office with meeting rooms available, with good sanitary facilities and sufficient parking space.

Well secured and sustainable logistics property

With us, your goods will be in safe and sustainable hands. All our building and the grounds around it are electronically secured and have electric gates. The roofs of our warehouses have solar panels, making us self-sufficient with regards to our electric power consumption. We have, both inside and outside, LED-lighting.

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What we are proud of

At SMART HUB Logistics we are always looking for ways to work together in a sustainable way. Locally, nationally, or internationally, together we can make the world a better place.

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