Customised palletisation

Palletising is the process of placing goods onto a pallet. Palletisation of products is usually done before storage or transport.

There is no standard solution for the palletisation of goods. Therefore, we provide customised solutions with regards to palletisation at SMART HUB Logistics.

We can palletise your goods in various ways. Sometimes your products may require a specific stacking pattern, which we must take into consideration during palletisation. It is also possible that certain goods, due to weight restrictions, cannot be stacked higher than a certain number of layers. This is obviously something we take into account during the palletisation process.

Prevent extra handling by correct palletisation

Your goods may arrive at our site in loose-loaded containers. We will then palletise your goods onto the type of pallets we have agreed on beforehand. There are many different types of pallet, varying in size and quality.

The selection of a certain pallet or a specific way of stacking also depends on the requirements of the final recipient. It is possible that he can only store pallets in his storage facility of a specific size or with a maximum height. This information is very important for our palletisation process. We can then, during the palletisation of your products, already take these specifics into account. This way we can ensure that the pallet will fit properly into your customer’s warehouse. The proper palletisation of goods also prevents additional handling and reduces the chance of damage to your products.

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Wrapped in foil

After palletisation, the goods will be wrapped in stretch-foil. This we do with automatic pallet-wrappers, which apply the foil with the precisely correct tension, so your products will stay firmly on the pallets during transportation. Choosing the kind of foil is something we will do together with you. In case of theft-sensitive products we often use black foil, so the products are not visible from the outside during transportation.

Pallet administration

Besides the palletisation of your goods, we can also take care of the administration and registration of your pallet pool. This is a major headache for many logistics managers, since quite a bit of money can be lost when it is not clear where pallets are or who owns the pallets. We would like to inform you about the services we can offer to you in this area.

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